Friday, November 27, 2015

Yuletide Paper Star Ornaments

Who doesn’t like an easy to make paper star?  These multi dimensional stars are really easy to make, all you need is a few supplies to get started.  I used papers and embellishments from the Pink Paislee Yuletide collection to create mine.  They make cute decorations that can be used for all sorts of decorating.

- patterned paper or other square paper (mine was approx. 6″)
- pencil
- scissors
- glue
- string to hang hem

How to:
Just follow the directions in the picture tutorial below.

1.  Gather materials.
2. Turn the paper over and fold into 4 quarters as shown in picture 2.
3. Turn the paper back over and fold diagonally in both directions.
4. Use a pencil to mark the middle of the folds that are creased towards you.  These are the horizontal and vertical creases that you made in step 2.  Cut with scissors from the edge to your pencil mark on all four sides.
5. Fold sides down and adhere with liquid glue.
6. One side is ready, but you need one more to complete the star.  Repeat the previous steps to make another star.  Place glue on the backsides of two stars and adhere together.  When the stars are done the pointed 3d sides should be facing out on both sides.

You can do variations on these stars, by switching up patterned paper, or switching up sizes.

I dressed my stars up by adding tags, canvas stars, and ephemera pieces from the Yuletide collection. 

  The little crinkled pieces of paper, I picked up in the gift wrapping section.  I was originally looking for gold or silver, but I love the way the kraft filler strips accentuate the stars.

Since I don't have my Christmas tree up yet, I pinned my paper star ornaments onto a frame using burlap string and clothespins.  I also filled a little basket with extra ones.

You could easily add these to a tree with clips, hooks or use a hole punch and thread to create loops to hang them with.  

American Crafts | Thanksgiving

This is a personal blog.  All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of  I do receive financial compensation and material product from American Crafts to develop my craft posts, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Switch it up this year and make a non-traditional Thanksgiving card, by using
bright colors and embellishments from the Finders Keepers collection.

Supplies:  Finders Keepers (FKDS-40327) - Wild Goose Chase, Finders Keepers (FKDS-40322) - Pursuit, Finders Keepers (FKDS-40330) - Rainsack, Finders Keepers (FKDS-40332) - Expedition, Finders Keepers (FKTH-40232) - Memento Alpha/Green Puffy Thickers, Finders Keepers (FKTH-40233) - Follow Alpha/Multi Chipboard Thickers, Finders Keepers (340251) - Washi Tape 6 Page Booklet W/Gold Foil, Finders Keepers (340247) - Wood Slices, Cardstock (AM71-464) - Smooth Kraft

How To: Create 6"x6" card from kraft cardstock paper. Use a die cutting machine to cut leaves from patterned papers.  Overlap four die cut leaves and adhere to top of card front.  Use a sewing machine and white thread to stitch down leaves.  Adhere a wood slice to card.  Spell out the word "be" using Memento Alpha Green Puffy Thickers, and place on top of wood slice.  Spell out the word "thankful" with Alpha Multi Chipboard Thickers and adhere to card underneath leaves and wood slice.  Finish card by tearing off two strips of washi tape and adhere to bottom right hand side of card.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

American Crafts | Titles

This is a personal blog.  All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of  I do receive financial compensation and material product from American Crafts to develop my craft posts, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

I love creating creative titles for my pages.  Big titles can make a huge impact and become a statement on your page. 

Supplies: Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS-40320) - Field Trip paper, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS-40322) - Pursuit Paper, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS-40327) - Wild Goose Chase, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS- 40332) - Expedition, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS-40334) - Clues, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS-40337) - Quest, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKDS-40339) - Treasure, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKSP-40333) Die-Cut Scout, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (FKTH-40234) - Today Phrases/White Foam Thickers Stickers, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340235) - Transparent Stickers Accents & Phrases, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340237) - Puffy Stickers, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340243) - Cardstock & Acetate Shapes W/Foil, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340246) -
Stamped Mylar Flair Embossed Gold, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340247) - Wood Slices, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340251) - Washi Tape Booklet W/Gold Foil, Amy Tangerine Finders Keepers (340256) - Grab Bag Assorted Embellishments, Cardstock (AM710-81) - White, Sticky Thumb (ST340261) - Adhesive Runner and Refill

How To:
Cut out title using die cutting machine on white background paper.  Paint orange watercolor paints against cut title background, set aside to dry.  Cut each word out from different pieces of patterned paper.  Adhere white cardstock die cut title piece (with orange paint) onto a second piece of white background paper and adhere down.  Place die cut title word pieces within the negative spaces and adhere down. Flick black spray mist across the page and set aside to dry.  Print a small black and white photo measuring 2.7"x2.7" back it with a slightly larger piece of cut specialty Die-Cut Scout paper and adhere down to left bottom side of layout.  Adhere a white foam "xo" sticker on top.  Use a date stamp to stamp date below the bottom left side of photo.  Place a die cut piece from cardstock & acetate shapes pack just above photo (tucking it slightly behind).  Place a stamped mylar flair embossed gold sticker right next to die cut.  On the bottom right hand side of page adhere a torn strip of washi tape.  Place a transparent sticker just above washi tape.  Adhere a small arrow sticker from grab bag just above.  Apply adhesive to the back of a wood slice.  Embellish wood slice with ampersand and camera puffy sticker and then adhere to the bottom right hand side of page.  Place a transparent arrow sticker just above.  Use a needle and white thread to handstitch around the words "like" and "love" in the title.  Finish page by adhering a large transparent floral sticker to the top right hand side of page.

I hope that I have inspired you to create your own creative title!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

American Crafts | Place Cards

This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of  I do receive financial compensation and material product from American Crafts to develop my craft posts, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

The DIY Shop 3 collection is perfect for making Fall Place Cards.  
Combine gold, black and white accents to make a card that really
stands out.

Supplies: DIY Shop 3 (370878) - Cards W/Envelopes, DIY Shop 3 (370890) - Gift Tags & String, DIY Shop 3 (370888) - Enamel Dots Stickers Gold, DIY Shop 3 (370852) - Vellum White Numbers, DIY Shop 3 (370854) - Vellum Gold Foil Hearts, DIY Shop 3 (37086) - Acetate Gold Foil Herringbone, DIY Shop 3 (370862) - Varnish Cardstock Black Triangles, DIY Shop (366900) - Stapler W/100 Staples, Sticky Thumb (ST340261) - Adhesive Runner & Refill, Dear Lizzy Documentary (340202) - Desktop/Gold Foil Puffy Thickers Alpha Stickers

1.  Select card from the cards w/envelopes set and selected pattern papers and embellishments, set aside.

2. Use die cutting machine to cut feathers out of selected patterned papers.

3. Use stapler to adhere five selected feathers to card face.

4. Use Sticky Thumb Adhesive runner to adhere gold/white tag to left 
hand side of card.

5. Adhere Dear Lizzy gold foil puffy stickers to tag to spell out desired name.

6. Finish card by adhering gold enamel dots to card.

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope this has inspired you to make your own Place Cards for your next get together!

Friday, November 6, 2015

American Crafts | DIY Shop 3

This is a personal blog.  All
 editorial content and projects are intellectual property of  I do receive financial compensation and material product from American Crafts to develop my craft posts, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

The DIY shop 3 collection is one of my favorites to design with.  I love the combination
of gold, kraft and black, and the fun embellishments.

Supplies: DIY Shop 3 (370851) - Kraft Cardstock Black Dots, DIY Shop 3 (370857) - Kraft Cardstock White Chevron, DIY Shop 3 (370854) - Vellum Gold Foil Hearts, DIY Shop 3 (370860) - Acetate Gold Foil Herringbone,DIY Shop 3 (370861) - Acetate Gold Foil Triangles, DIY Shop 3 (370862) - Varnish Cardstock Black Triangles, DIY Shop 3 (370867) - Wordfetti Stickers Gold Foil, DIY Shop 3 (370868) - Alphabet Stickers
Silver Foil, DIY Shop 3 (370878) - Cards W/Envelopes 5 Gold Foil Designs, DIY Shop 3 (370883) - Decorative Tape Woodgrain, DIY Shop 3 (370884) - Decorative Tape Gold, DIY Shop 3 (370887) - Decorative Metal Word Bobbies Gold & Silver, DIY Shop 3 (370888) - Enamel Dots Stickers Gold, DIY Shop 3 (370890) - Gift Tags & String, DIY Shop 3 (370891) - Metal Rim Circle Tags, Cardstock (AM710-81) - White, DIY Shop (366900) - Mini Stapler W/ 100 Staples, Dear Lizzy Neopolitan (59160) - Roller Date Stamp

How To: Use a 2 1/2" square punch to punch several squares from a mix of DIY Shop 3 patterned papers.  Use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut squares in half diagonally, to create triangular pieces.  Print a small black and white photo. Trim photo to 2 1/2"x 2 1/2".  Use scissors to cut photo in half diagonally.  Arrange photo and triangular pieces on a white
cardstock background, adhere down with adhesive.  Flick drops of black ink across the page.  Use a sewing machine and white thread to stitch down pieces.  Tear strips of washi tape and adhere to layout.  Adhere tag and string to left hand side of page and use a stapler to staple down.  Adhere a piece of white string to top right hand side of page, adhere with a paperclip and staple down. Add metal rimmed tag to page.  Add date and phrase stamp to both tags.  Finish by adding stickers and enamel dots to page.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed my layout!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pink Paislee | Memory Keeping

This is a personal blog. All editorial content and projects are intellectual property of  I do receive financial compensation and material product from Pink Paislee to develop my craft posts, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Hi everyone, I have a new Pink Paislee project to share with you today.  When I think of memory keeping I think of photos.  And it brings me back to why I first started scrapbooking – to document and remember special days and events.  So, with that in mind, I decided to keep my design simple, so that the main focus was the photo.

Recently my daughter and her friend went on a photoshoot.  They are both learning about photography and took turns taking photos.  Her friend is currently taking a  photography and editing class and took several photos for an assignment.  On this day, I let the girls borrow one of my most cherished photo lenses a Canon 85mm, and they took photos at an old train station.  I was so impressed with their talent and the quality of the photos!  I just knew that I had to document it on a page!

Ever since I saw the triangular Memo paper in the Memorandum collection, I just knew that I needed to use it on a layout.  I love triangles and I love color!  So, it is almost like this paper was designed just for me!  I knew that if I was using several pieces from this paper that I wouldn’t need too many other elements or embellishments on the design, or it might overwhelm the page.  So, I kept it simple!

I decided to hand cut around the Memo paper triangles to make several large and small triangles throughout the page.  The simple design of the paper made it easy to cut around.  I also added a handcut piece of journal paper (b side), to help balance out the design.

Collections used: MemorandumCedar Lane

Illustrated Faith Design Team!

I am so excited to be part of the Bella Blvd/Illustrated Faith Design and Education team!  Illustrating my faith has brought me closer to God.  I love that this hobby allows me to be creative while also learning more about him. I am looking forward to encouraging others through the word!

Favorite Pages
To read more about my introduction and to see the other team members, visit the Illustrated Faith blog!

You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you. Romans 5:8